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Lloyd’s Loading List Subscription

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A subscription to Lloyd’s Loading List will prove vital to the effectiveness of your business.

Your subscription to Lloyd’s Loading List will include:

  • Weekly hardcopies of Lloyd’s Loading List providing you with sailing schedules, and a comprehensive import and export directory
  • Weekly news email bulletins providing you with breaking news, delivered straight to your inbox, in advance of the hardcopy so that you have access to the news as soon as it happens.
  • Special Reports, Liner Analysis reviews and supplements throughout the year.

Why subscribe?

  • Lloyd’s Loading List is the UK’s only export directory and is therefore the only place to go if you need details on the carriage of cargo from UK ports, cities and towns.
  • The directory gives listings for the carriage of cargo by sea, road and air. This ensures that you will find the easiest, quickest and cheapest method for transporting your freight.
  • Over 140 pages of facts are published each and every week which include over 10,000 individual line entries plus 75 pages of schedules meaning you have all the export facts you need in just one handy directory.
  • Lloyd’s Loading List keeps you up-to-date on the latest developments within the shipping and forwarding industries through its news pages - Freighting Update. These news pages provide professionals like you with industry updates across sea, road, rail and air. You’ll have all the news you need delivered straight to your desk, each and every week.
  • A Liner Analysis section is included regularly, these are based on specific geographical regions and provide news and a written and tabular update on the schedule reliability at the ports in that region. They also include star performers in the region for both schedule reliability and transit times.
  • Lloyd’s Loading List also includes special reports and features on certain regions and types of industry such as Ro-Ro, West Africa, Indian sub continent and China.
  • The Imports Directory is invaluable to those involved with importing goods into the UK. It provides an alphabetical list of worldwide departure points and the point of arrival in the UK. Type of service, mode of transport, transit time and frequency are all included in this section. Meaning you’ll have all of the import facts and figures you need at your fingertips in seconds.
  • Free access to the online version of Lloyd’s Loading List means you can search for cargo carriers wherever you are, at any time of day.
  • You can also be a part of our weekly online polls to find out what other people think on the hot industry issues.

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