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OUR international network of journalists are reporting on all the industry events across the world.

With the Lloyd’s Loading RSS service you can take your preferred parts of our unique coverage, free of charge and incorporate them into your preferred RSS newsreaders or website.

What is RSS?

RSS is commonly defined as ’Really Simple Syndication’ and is a method of sites such as this one, syndicating their content to their users to read within a RSS newsreader or on a website.

RSS uses a standard format which allows you to use RSS newsreaders to aggregate more than one feed from different sites. Effectively, it allows you to pick and choose information from different sites to build your own custom news feed, specific to your individual area of interest.

Viewing RSS Feeds

RSS Readers (e.g., a list within DMOZ directory), allow you to take our coverage along with articles from your other favourite sites to be displayed in one continuous list within your newsreader or website.

You can click on any interesting stories to go through to the site and read the article in full. Effectively, an RSS feed is the perfect way to stay current with updates on many sites at a glance! Best of all, most RSS readers are free!

It is also possible to incorporate RSS feeds into your own website or weblog. It is a condition of incorporating RSS feeds on your website that you agree to comply with the Terms and Conditions of Use. Click here to view in full.

Please provide attribution to in relation to the RSS feeds either in text form: "" or by using the Lloyd’s Loading List graphic.

Adding the Lloyd’s Loading RSS service to your reader or website

You need to add the exact web address of the relevant Lloyd’s Loading RSS service to your reader. To do this, click on name of the relevant feed below, and then copy the exact web address (URL) of the page it brings up. Add this exact web address to your reader and our feed will be added!

To add RSS content to your website, please contact your website administrator.

By accessing our feeds you agree to our RSS feed terms & conditions. Click here to view in full.